Tree & Palm Services

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Tree and Palm Services

We provide all aspects of palm care, including installing, pruning, proper fertilizing, and grooming. Because we offer comprehensive landscaping services, we can evaluate the effect and health of your palms as they grow within your lawn design. We can also help you remove dead or diseased palm trees, making sure that your existing palm trees are kept looking both natural and beautiful.

When you have palm trees on your commercial property, they can quickly become unsightly if they aren’t cared for properly. Our professional palm care service helps the palm trees on your business property stay aesthetically pleasing. We have seasoned veteran palm-pruners who manage the care that’s required to maintain your palm trees. It takes a certain finesse to provide the right kind of care for these natural decorations, and we customize our services to the individual tree. When you choose Grasshoppers, your property will have dedicated individuals who will always do their best to offer exceptional service.

Make your village green by tree plantation with us!

Our Landscaping company is a full-service firm. Our own employee work on all of designing.